Alabama man accused of capital murder, holding girl captive


An Alabama sheriff says a 12 year old girl managed to escape from captivity in a mobile home where two other people were found dead Alabama sheriff Jimmy Abbott tells WSFA a motorist spotted a young girl walking along the road this past Monday morning and stopped to see what was wrong We're very appreciative to the people that actually came forward and identifying and notifying us He says the girl was held captive inside a mobile home for about a week tied to bed posts and kept in a drug state with alcohol before chewing through a restraints and escaping His deputies found the dismembered remains of a 29 year old woman and a boy under the age of 14 inside the trailer She's a hero And it is one of those things that we want to get into to a later I'm 37 year old man who lived at that address was arrested and is now charged with her abduction as well as capital murder and corpse abuse I'm Tim McGuire

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