Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Is in Studio to Detail Some Amazing Revelations


Back talking to Jonathan Khan, the movie is the harbingers of things to come. You can see it sell them now, dot com. So Jonathan, you were just revealing what you talk about in the film, you call it the mystery of the island and you were referring to the great John winthrop. The governor of the Massachusetts bay colony, how he would have this kind of retreat on governor's island, which is in Massachusetts, which is in Boston bay. He would face Boston and pray for Boston. Okay, now the punchline. In doing so, he's praying for the whole civilization that became America. That's right. That's right. And so but he also the one for those who didn't hear who warned America do not turn for God if you follow God, you're going to be the most blessed nation people. If you turn away, then judgments come. So what happened to John winthrop? What happened to the island of winthrop John with him? The island of John winthrop was subsumed in the 20th century became an airport. The airport is Logan airport, the very place where the planes took off on 9 11 and headed to New York City on the island of the man who warned America. It all started there. This is getting really eerie now. No, it is amazing. These things are absolutely amazing. And it's amazing to me that God has chosen you to reveal these things because you're not making them up. You're just discovering what already exists. It's there. Eric, it's interesting because this is the only interview pretty much. That's in Lower Manhattan where all these things, this all centers here. I mean, the harbingers are here. We're here. I was standing at the ground of ground zero, and that's where it all started. Something said, the spirit said, look, I was looking at this tree that I said, there's something you have to find. You have to seek it, and that's how it all began. I could never reproduce any of it. Even the process, I don't know how to have it. What

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