The Single Most Important Lesson Enrique 'Ric' Prado Learned


Single most important thing in my life, as far as lessons go. What is my father? My father had a 7th grade education, but he was extremely smart, incredible craftsman, and he had a faith that is uncomfortable with any of us. And imagine I am an only child. I find that all the best people are. I happen to be an only child as well. Well, yeah, but the point here is that my dad was willing to put me on an airplane. To a country that he had never been to. At what age, how old were you, Rick? I was ten years old when I got on that plane. And what, what year is this? This is 1962, April of 1960. This is one of the Peter Pan flights. That is correct. I am a Peter Pan. So a country your father's never been to before. So why does he put you on that plane Rick? Freedom. My dad knew he had never read Marx or Lenin, but he had definitely had the heart of a lion and he knew what freedom was. He knew what we needed to fight for it. And of course, that fight was one already to the enemy. But that decision opened up my eyes to the value and the sacrifices made for freedom.

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