It's Sickening How Fragile Black People Are Over Racism


Sickening to me is saddening to me that black people have been reduced to being the faberge eggs of society. You can't do nothing. You can own a football team. And you hire a coach based on marriage. Can he win you a championship or not? And that coach happened to not be black. They cried racism racism racism. They paying these black quarterbacks. $200 million contracts, but because they don't have a head coach that's black, they racist. Can somebody can somebody explain this to me? The salary cap goes to 80% black players. They're paying hundreds of millions of dollars to black players on the team. And because they don't hire a black coach who makes less money than the black players, then the whole league is racist. If you ask me, white people are disproportionately underrepresented in the NFL. They ain't out here whining and crying. Show me a defensive back that's white that make more money than black defensive backs.

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