Interview with Black Honey's Izzy Philips ahead of Latitude set | What's on and things to do in Norwich


Sometimes i get excited bad yeah talking about drake before on the new drake i'm michael jackson on the break too many songs on the dre gum but four forty four the most recent jd solo album came on a year ago today no lie that that's like my favorite album period i love that record touch for so man got me right in the so let's go to giulio or julio in arlington texas you're up next here on cbs sports radio it's probably julio what's up julio yeah totally i was going on how are you pretty good hey i just wanna touch base is over here with soccer yeah you know now that we got that world cup going on ooh i'm loving and you just feel the vibes from all the people out there in the stands you know soccer i mean me growing up with the mexican side of the family we were watching soccer with my parents you know we all got along watching soccer games soccer now coming out here with the world cup pretty soon are here to the us and canada and mexico side you know i think it's going to grow more you know the us we got big fan base even though he didn't make it this year you know what i mean every soccer game the us have last world cup you know all the the rams i believe we can win and all that stuff you know it's just gonna make it better for us you know i think soccer's pretty good and you know that's right i think you know but hey who do you think mexico brazil i gotta pick brazil i mean they haven't looked impressive more of a chance than you would think you know the other way especially with neymar being where he is but brazil was my pick going into the tournament so i i can't pick against them at this moment considering you know sometimes as these playoffs go further along the better team start playing better i mean you see that across sports in general i think we're somehow it's a little counterintuitive like they struggle more against the lesser teams and then as the intensity ratchets up that they hit their stride so unless brazil a straight dot i.

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