Manhattan DA considers criminal charges against Trump Organization


Longtime Trump organization's chief financial officer was granted immunity by federal. Prosecutors as part of an investigation into President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen Alan. Wiesel, Berg was given immunity by the Manhattan US attorney's office. That was first reported by. The Wall Street Journal now our sources are confirming it as you said for providing information about Michael Cohen in. The criminal investigation into hush money payments for two women during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign now when it was granted, immunity were still. Working out those details this news coming. Out of the journal had also reported President Trump's longtime financial gatekeeper was called to testify before a federal grand jury, in the investigation earlier this year we've reached out for comment for Weisselberg directly so far have not heard back from him Wiesel bergh's immunity deal comes after it was reported that David pecker chief of national inquirer is publishing company American media also, received federal. Immunity as part of the

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