Dallas officer faces manslaughter charge in fatal shooting of neighbor


Cloudy skies sixty nine degrees right now. Highs in the seventies today with Amanda garra. I'm Scott, SAM's. This is the KRLD morning news. Thank you for being with us this morning. Mike has the morning off the Dallas police officer charged with manslaughter in connection with the shooting death of her neighbor is free on bail this morning after being arrested last night. KRLD's Cameron Fairchild has our top story. Amber, Geiger, says she shot both gene dead because she thought she was entering her apartment. And that gene was an intruder Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings says he's confident investigators will find the full truth about what happened I in great pain for losing a model citizen input this tragedy happening in Dallas. We will get all the facts out and everybody will know everything. And that's the most important thing. Gene's family expressed outrage that officer Geiger was

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