More Americans are dying from cirrhosis, a liver disease, likely due to excessive drinking, a study says


So, you, know We've been spending a. Lot, of issues when it comes to liver disease And liver disease is on the rise as is with everything else And one of the latest headlines you're going to see Is that we are seeing more, and more young people die of alcohol related liver disease Now liver disease is usually something has an, older person I, mean maybe rarely, we'll see somebody. Young drinks themselves, to death, or hepatitis but you know usually liver diseases, something long standing and. You know I mean we wouldn't see it usually before middle age unless it's something rare now we're seeing it on the rise And it has been, suggested that new young. Adults are actually drinking themselves to death The only state in which we are not seeing a rise in deaths is Maryland So the data, published in, the journal b. m. j. Desam from cirrhosis which are the late stages delivered damage jumped by sixty five percent between the years nineteen ninety nine to two thousand sixteen that the biggest group of people. That we saw this happen to we're millennials twenty five to thirty four year olds Although I can't call the millennials there may be millennials now but they were back in the late nineties okay Thousand sixteen eleven thousand. Seventy three people died due to liver cancer that was double the. Number of deaths back in, nineteen ninety nine now psoriasis we've. Talked about psoriasis is a, scarring of the liver your liver is real. Sturdy Okay and you figure. This out after your first I don't know raider cuddle party. Three. Kalat you feel like crap the next day And then you feel like yourself And you're sitting there biology class and you're. Hearing, that? The liver regenerates itself oh really Like, wolverine I could get stabbed and, then I he'll all up and maybe I'll get a, little scar but nobody knows the scar And parties next weekend We can have that You get sick maybe. Take some Tylenol long I'll. Do it too much Let my liver. Recoup I'm good some of it we've enjoyed liver talks I don't know you, come up with something where you, drink, some lemon juice. Or you fast or you. Have some apple, cider vinegar and you will. I cleaned out my liver Cleaned out your liver Until your liver enzymes start, rising, when, your. Thirties twenties thirties forties, we do an ultrasound, we see. Fatty liver fatty deposits your fat starts to deposit around the liberal when it, wants to protect it Liver's kind of important because the detox is your blood And then as you'll ever gets damaged won't get scar tissue So yes your liver, can regenerate new cells But it may not regenerate it The more scar tissue you have Now. What causes the roses fatty liver so fat hepatitis c. Alcohol Too much, Tylenol And they think that a big problem with these young ones Our. Shots let's do some shots shots are so bad so dangerous I. Gotta tell you those. Were the biggest mistakes I ever did. Let's just some shots. See you call, up to the bar see as a bartender I loved it It, was great. I didn't have to mix drink I ll as a bartender you. Love giving shots you. Could make a best you see when. You do a food. Drink as bartender Dachary or whatever it can't spill all over you know you. Can't have the strawberry ice sore she, goes off the side, you gotta grab a rag, you gotta clean it, you gotta put a. Little cherry on their, the umbrella? Or the pineapple it's. Gotta be a nice clean drink but when it shots you grab the shot glasses you line a. Mob you pour. It out if there's some spill. Who cares everybody takes their, shot you do the. Wipe down and they swam. That glass on the table and you smile at them This will be used. To add smile at, them like? Good job good job. With that look in my eyes you're not supposed to was a bartender. Suggest they do it again But you have. An invitation through your eyes or thrill goodwill that's good isn't it So that they. Want to..

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