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Remains of 8 victims identified in Canada serial killer case


A suburban police officer helped a teenager replace one of his favourite possessions fifteen. Year old Dominick Daly cruise was the victim of a robbery last month he was riding a skateboard near, wise and, spring cove roads in Schaumburg on June twenty-seventh when police say a young man punched him in the face and took off with the skateboard. The daily herald reports officer, Elliott, rose responded to the scene and. Found out the skateboard was a Christmas present from Dominic mom officer rose ended up getting a new skateboard which he. Presented to. Daily crews on July sixth mom says Dominic and escape board had been virtually inseparable ever since rob heart NewsRadio on one, zero five, point nine FM the Environmental Protection Agency has approved more than twenty six million dollars to clean up the former DuPont plant site. In east Chicago the cleanup will address arsenic lead zinc and cadmium at the site the DuPont. Property has been listed as a hazardous waste site by the. EPA, since nineteen ninety Seven Police in, Toronto say the remains of all eight known victims of an alleged serial killer have now been. Identified authorities had previously identified the remains of seven victims of suspected serial killer Bruce, MacArthur the suspect was arrested in January after an investigation to several disappearances in a gay neighborhood of. Toronto he was later charged with eight counts of murder and is scheduled to appear in court next week coming up the made in Chicago feature WBZ news time to fifty, three.

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