WGN, Trump and CNBC discussed on Steve Cochran


Your money on WGN just about, an hour now before the opening bell. Futures are off nearly one hundred points on the Dow and the NASDAQ futures have been sliding as well this morning after President Trump told CNBC during an interview that. He is all in for putting tariffs on all five hundred billion dollars worth of goods imported from China into the United States Microsoft, stock three percent higher. This, morning in the pre-market after it earned, unadjusted one dollar thirteen cents per share for. Its latest quarter beating estimates by, five cents revenue also top Wall Street forecasts company gave an upbeat current quarter forecast as well as it continues to grow its. Cloud computing business now WGN traffic with Maryville now backups, on the Edens. Up on Kennedy still about thirty eight minutes to the airport forty two coming. In from O'Hare thirty. Three and. The locals expressed the twenty eight in, bike? Is, fifty. Six from fifty three and about thirty four for Mannheim forty outbound to fifty three up on side of fifty five accent Kasa now cleared it's about thirty four to the tri-state but. At forty six out to three fifty five coming in about thirty eight minutes from the tri-state the inbound Ryan twenty two from ninety fifth no backups, Bishop Ford fifty seven tollways are in. Good shape and lakeshore drive some minor delays in Belmont watch for an accident Niles at Howard in Waukegan for a person is traffic on demand get the traffic Chicago. App approved by the reverse mortgage loan experts team hochburg just search t. r. a. f. f. I x..

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