Jury orders J&J to pay $4.7 billion in Missouri asbestos cancer case


Trump says the baby trump balloon is making him feel unwelcome in london protesters are flocking britain's parliament during the president's uk visit and we'll be flying a twenty foot orange balloon that looks like donald trump wearing a diaper london city officials permitted the trump baby after over ten thousand people signed a petition supporting it be british activists behind the balloon said trump is deeply insecure man and the balloon is an attempt to humiliate him in an interview with a british tabloid on thursday trump said he used to love london but when they put up blimps to make me feel unwelcome there's no reason to stay there all trump's schedule public events during his uk visit will be outside the city work bayfield nbc news radio and he's having lunch with the prime minister and tea with the queen this afternoon then he's off to scotland with the first lady johnson and johnson is being ordered to pay over four billion dollars in missouri as best as cancer case johnson and johnson remains confident that its products do not contain asbestos and do not cause ovarian cancer and intends to pursue all available appellate remedies the jury yesterday ruled that the company must pay four billion dollars to twenty two women who've claimed they developed ovarian cancer after using johnson's baby powder it's not my understanding that you kick me off because of any biased that it was done based on the appearance if you want to represent what you said accurately i'm happy dance that question but i don't appreciate bowie's originally said being changed i don't give a damn what you strong i don't appreciate having agent with an unprecedented level of animus working all two major investigations you're twenty six that's just what some of it sounded like yesterday for eleven hours for former fbi agent peter struck testifying in front of two house committees about antitrump text messages he exchanged with now former fbi lawyer and mistress lisa page struck argued that everyone has a political opinion but maintained he was not biased today his former mistress lisa page will testify before the committee behind closed doors the us army corps of engineers will resume water releases from lake okeechobee beginning today the decision is based on its efforts to manage flood risk in the region because lake oers rising the discharges are scheduled to start today despite the summers extensive algae blooms that result from the releases in next eight and a half hour i'm karen carter stay connected with news anytime at fifty w f t l dot com cornell folks looks like your west palm roadways i ninety five in the turnpike.

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