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In the nfl the cowboys eagles and titans that three time pro bowler was the nfl's leading rusher in two thousand fourteen when he ran for eighteen hundred forty five yards the first semifinal is finally over at wimbledon over six and a half hours and kevin anderson outlasted john is ner in the final set twenty six the twenty four course is ner was involved in the longest match ever one that took three days to complete eleven hours and five minutes when he won that tiebreaker in the final at seventy sixty eight this one fortunately a lot shorter with anderson holding off is ner twenty six twenty four anderson will face the winner of the other semifinal which is set to begin between novak djokovic and the second seed rafael dal the red sox just keep getting better and better with each passing day ten straight wins entering the final weekend of the first half and they continue their series against the blue jays with eleven game win a rick forsillo on the mound given the length of this winning streak the yankees seemed to be fortunate just to be three and a half game is back they go for their third in a row tonight in cleveland last night series opener featured a pair of all stars on the mound but it was hardly a pitcher's duel and tonight it'll be shamed bieber going up against mingo herman the rookie for the yankees in the national league the dodgers in action tonight and before their matchup it'll be chase utley holding a press conference to announce that he's going to be retiring at the end of this cease i'm rich ackerman did you like ninety out here what have we been out here like nine hours i forgot to put sunblock on ferrallonthebench ten pm eastern seven pacific cbs sports radio only air at thirteen hundred on your am dial on the internet at x t ra sports thirteen hundred dot com this is xtra sports thirteen hundred.

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