Trump considering revoking security clearances for Comey, Brennan


Low nineties I'm ABC team, meteorologist Irish At six, three it is eighty seven degrees in Chandler. President Trump is ready to take away security clearances from former intelligence director James Clapper John Brennan Andrew McCabe and James Comey after the White House says they've politicized. And monetize their clearances support is a President Trump had long been furious at Komen Brennan and the others. They point. Out that it's a stark departure from American tradition for former intelligence and national security officials to be down in the partisan mud trashing the next, president, you combine, that with. The president's retaliatory threat and is just. A sign of the times here in Washington that's ABC's Terry. Moran KTAR is on immigration sheriffs and law enforcement leaders from Arizona and other border states met in Washington with d.. H. s. secretary cures Jim Nielsen coaches county sheriff Mark donalds says the meeting went well everybody agreed on the importance of having sheriffs at the table when policies. And decisions are made about the border security plan and benefit and value will. Have insurance at the table And we speak for our communities he says they talked. About operation stone garden and how to expand it it's a program that funds efforts to secure the border with Mexico Arizona votes the countdown is. On to registered. About if you want to. Cast a ballot and. Next month, primary election the deadline is next Monday county recorder Adrian Pontes recommends signing up for the permanent. Early vote list we will mail your ballot you're voting address you go ahead fill out your ballot on your time. And then signed the envelope sent it back to us you can also bring it back to any, of our, early, votes sites. Or to your polling place on election day you can sign up for that registered. To vote and check all your current voter, information..

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