US STD rates reach record high, CDC says


Rates of STD's in the United States have reached a record high flying record high according to the, CDC I by, the way it's three specifically and this is a sad thing because you would think people. Would get their shit together No it's the old s. GMC civilised gonorrhea Two point three million US cases of. These sexually, transmitted disease were diagnosed last year two. Point three million. S, g c taken over it's running rampant It's the, highest number, ever reported nationwide our friend rob at the center for sexuality and health. Disparities he, says that this is not a surprising. Trend health disparity I don't even know but it's a place. At Rob's over at he says over. The last, five years he's seen the increase and he can't. It's they thought they'd see a plateau now still. Go crazy Holy crap Viewers watch for your wrap that rascal

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