Eagles coach Doug Pederson to make QB decision soon


The jets head coach Doug Peterson Already has checked. In, at the podium more on that as we check in live with KYW's Ed. Bankin at the practice facility in, south Philadelphia Well Matt Jose much happier Doug Peterson. Than we saw, on Sunday, when he was not in the best of moods particularly when questions came up about the status of Carson Wentz today Doug Peterson starters news conference tentative slate joke by saying He was meeting with the doctors about once did the fake drum roll savvy shields much better mood, today then the tension to Thursday's game against the jets obviously it'll. Be a night with a backup so play he talked. About, what he wanted to see out of the backups about. Guys, don't like fighting for jobs to make the team but also for a chance to get, on the eagles practice squad if they don't make the cut the

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