NFL reinstates Cowboys DE Randy Gregory from suspension


The news continues for money matters dot net Fort Worth. Police say drivers having. Some trouble getting used to the new one way streets in the west seventh district. As of yesterday Morton Bledsoe Norwood and Fourche streets all became one way officer. Jimmy Paula Zahn says extra officers. Are helping out we're having officers going out there and assisting these motorists than consumers come out. To. The west seven, to help them out. With a directional to make. It less confusing Wardha Johnny says it normally takes about a week for drivers to adjust. To these kinds of traffic changes. He says for now officers are. Not, writing tickets the Cowboys get a piece. Of their defensive line back here's KRLD's Austin. York the NFL nounce today that defensive end Randy Gregory is being reinstated to the league Gregory was suspended just before the Cowboys lost a playoff game, to Green Bay during the two thousand. Sixteen season he, had been banned fourteen games that year and played in the final Two regular season games before. The latest suspension Kevin Turner is with one zero five three the fan He by all accounts got, his, life, back together Some of his problems were have been. Highly documented dealing with anxiety and things like that but he had put together a lengthy reinstatement package with a lot of. People around the league that had signed off on he can rejoin, the team at training camp in California next week and we'll be eligible for games as long as he continues to meet the terms of his reinstatement Austin. York NewsRadio capability now in less than three weeks former cowboy Terrel Owens, will go into the pro football, hall of fame but he's talking, about a comeback which Apopka Owens agent tells, USA, today he's thinking about signing with the Edmonton eskimos of. The Canadian Football League club, has until, next week to cut a deal with all ones, or release has. Rights te'o, is, Forty-five last played. In the NFL in twenty ten he's considered one of the most tranquil people. On the planet but danika Patrick found a way to freak out the Dalai Lama Patrick tells Jimmy Kimmel that when she, in, boyfriend Aaron Rodgers were in India this year she showed one of the monks of video of. Her crashing in a NASCAR race he was like oh you should show his holiness this. He would love it and so I was like all right this is going to be awkward in the meeting the his. Holiness I'm like oh check out crashing I showed it to him, and he kind of handed it back to me but then later that night Lama told me that they watched more of the video and he thought that. It was really really really scaring crazy what I watched your crash video, just a real moment for so, few people Say that really Remarkable like data Patrick and Green Bay quarterback Rogers had been dating since the beginning. Of the year I'll bear decides to Rome a neighborhood. In Los Angeles Space splash I was taking a bath.

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