Elon Musk tweets apology for calling British cave diver who helped in Thai rescue mission ‘a pedo’


Stuck, in a flooded cave and Thailand tesla shares. Plummeted after musk attacked British, cave diver Vern Unsworth he was critical of Musk's zephyr to save the boys he, called it a, PR stunt must responded with an attack on Twitter suggesting he was a pedophile FSU is looking to distance itself from its founder and controversial past. University president John, Thrasher announced that the school, will remove a statue of founder. Francis EPs but his. Name will remain, on, Fs, hall the, statue, has. Stood since two thousand two but there were calls To. Remove it because Fs owned slaves and supported the confederacy, in the civil war on. Chris tranquil NewsRadio nine, seventy WFL a now let's check sports from the, six twenty WD as sportscenter on Aaron Jacobson on Tuesday night at..

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