Sarah Sanders Gives Press Briefing After NYT Op-Ed Piece & Bob Woodward's Book 'Fear'


From today's White House briefing with press secretary Sarah Sanders, her first briefing, by the way in nearly three weeks she discussed efforts by the Trump administration to determine the identity of that anonymous op Ed writer described as a senior Trump administration official in last week's New York Times it is Monday September tenth and welcome to Washington today here on C span radio. I'm Steve Scully. This comes at the same time Simon and Shuster is about to officially release. Bob Woodward's new book on President Trump, titled fear Trump in the White House. The president is calling the book a joke. Bob woodward. Responding earlier today in an NBC news interview. Meanwhile, the house and Senate both back in session this week, the Senate Judiciary committee taking up the nomination of supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh this Thursday. Democrats are expected to delay a committee vote for

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