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Most dip serious dangers that his country faces Mr. c. c. claimed that, more than twenty thousand rumors have been spread in recent months Mr.. Cici's, critics accuse him of presiding over the most serious crackdown on dissent in years many who oppose his policies have been jailed South Korea has recorded the hottest. Overnight temperatures since records began one. Hundred eleven years ago. Morning temperatures in the city of Gangneung where a record. Breaking thirty one degrees celsius according to the Yonhap news agency the hot weather comes as a heat wave in neighboring Japan has killed more than thirty people Let's go to sedan our country often described as a nation of poets it's certainly a place where poetry is held in high esteem but, it's also a country with many restrictions on what people and especially women can do in public Our porter James. Cardinal made a recent trip to the capital Khartoum and he went to. A spoken word poetry evening where he met a young female, poet this is a portrait of a woman that was born in pain in his longing for change A woman with a rough kind. Of beauty a one not easy to pick up hitting behind all the easy come on ugly Rebel Connor woman So much trouble this is Roger Bush era known as. Raj reciting rebel one of our best known poems in the garden of a large house in Khartoum suburb in. A few minutes she'll go up on stage to perform at.

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