Community mourns Missouri duck boat victims


Claims an FBI documents that he was targeted for recruitment by the Russian government, and that he collaborated and conspired with Moscow house oversight committee, chair tray gouty told FOX corner pages, more like inspector gadget than he is Jason or JAMES BOND Trump never met him. Trump never had a conversation with him on Air Force. One returning to Washington from New Jersey. President Trump again, tweeted that the Russia probe was a hoax. An armed standoff involving hostages at a loss Angeles trader Joe's ended with one female store employees, death, the suspect in the hostage, taking his twenty-eight-year-old gene Atkins CBS's. Jamie Yuccas Atkins is being held onto million dollars bail as police continue to investigate here at the trader Joe's. It is not clear if the employees who died was shot by the suspect or by police in the crossfire police had been chasing Atkins authorities, say he earlier shot his grandmother, an argument over his girlfriend, a community. Came, together today to honor the victims, of the duck boat accident, in Missouri I'm Jim Krasula in southwestern Missouri there was talk of community oneness and reaching out. At a memorial service for the seventeen people who died and the Thursday night duck. Boats sinking on table rock lake. In Ozark mountain country doing extra. Is ordinary and, we've never seen that anymore clearly manifest than Thursday and Friday, this past, week the Reverend Tom. Wilcox's pastor of first Presbyterian church in Branson Jim chrysalis CBS news point lookout Missouri The senate's. Top democrat wants a stepped up crackdown on so called, ghost guns, WCBS Steve, burns Senator Chuck Schumer maintains the administration, is doing, away with, the old, rules thanks to, lobbying from gun advocates there fanatics in the gun lobby they believe every American should have, a gun three d. printed guns Schumer says plastic but, we can still do some serious. Damage they can also go through metal detectors unnoticed earning him the moniker ghost guns if the Trump administration doesn't put a stop. To this he says pass legislation do our best acid expects bipartisan support one bad. Swing cost Tiger Woods the British. Open but he's looking on the. Bright side is, gonna stink for for a little bit here but given where, I was, to where I'm, at, now Blessed the Victor by two, strokes was, Francesco Molinari's, the first Italian to win the British, Open this, is CBS, news to, experience relief from, foot and leg cramps use theraworx relief get theraworx relief today in the pain relief file, at your local pharmacy ask your pharmacist for theraworx relief Now from the KIRO..

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