Intelligence chief says he meant no disrespect to Trump


Gunman surrenders no. Disrespect I'm Barbara Kusak, a gunman surrendered. Peacefully following a three hour long hostage taking at Los Angeles grocery store correspondent Miguel Marquez says it all started after police gave chase as the. Man was suspected of shooting his grandmother and another woman. At a separate location the young, men crashed into a, pole outside this. Trader Joes with a gun in hand starts running in exchanges gunfire with, police that's when somebody inside the trader, Joe's a young woman was hit police followed him in tried to resuscitate her but she, expired, at, the store a word of caution for President Trump, from Iran's president hot Sandra Wani warned Trump about pursuing hostile policies against Iran. State media reports were Awani said this Trump don't play with the lion's tail. This would only lead to regret, as he addressed a gathering of. Iranian diplomats the director of national intelligence says he meant No disrespect, toward, President, Trump with his awkward response to news of a second Trump's summit with Russia's president seeking to control the fallout from an interview. Dan Coats gave an Aspen institute forum coats has some of the press coverage. Mischaracterized his response to breaking news ladder Putin Yeah yeah Okay Says his admittedly awkward response was not meant to criticize the, president and he and the entire intelligence community are committed to supporting the president in ongoing efforts to prevent Russian election meddling Jan Johnson. Washington they knew Brexit chief in Great Britain adopted a get tough attitude with the European. Union he suggested Britain may not. Pay it's. Fifty one billion dollar divorce. Payment if no trade deal with the EU has, reached he, said you can't have one side fulfilling its part of the bargain and the other not I'm Barbara. Kusak I believe that God created you and he also created an abundance, of organic fruits and vegetables to keep you healthy hi I'm Dennis black naturopathic doctor and founder of Texas. SuperFood over thirty years ago I, was diagnosed with stage four cancer and given just months,.

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