Ammonia leak at Wisconsin food plant sends 15 workers to hospitals


NBC News Radio I'm Lisa Carter President Trump says he'll. Shut the government down over immigration reform. The browser sent out a barrage tweets yesterday morning with one threatening a government shutdown he says he'll make it. Happen if Democrats don't give him the, votes for a wall at the border with Mexico at. Least six people have now died from the car fire in and around Redding in northern California the fires. Burned over ninety five thousand acres the more than three thousand firefighters battling, the blaze though have managed to, make some, progress in, bringing it to seventeen percent. Containment Mark Mayfield reporting Rudy Giuliani says the tape recording a President Trump and his former, lawyer Michael Cohen was altered before its release. The tape revolves around. The possible payment evolving a former playboy model who says she, had an affair with, Trump the president's lawyer tells Fox. News Sunday he wants to hear. The original recording in full length Lisa Carter NBC News Radio Anthony Scaramucci says, he, believes President, Trump may have known if a meeting between his campaign officials and Russia if you, check sources, inside, the White House you check sources inside that campaign the level of Fernandes's it. It's very possible on CNN's state of the union the former communications director for the. President says, it's possible Trump wasn't. Formed of the two thousand sixteen meeting after the fact the meeting was revealed to, have happened at Trump Tower between Donald Trump junior Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner Trump's former campaign manager Paul, Manafort and a Kremlin linked lawyer in hopes of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton however on CNN's, state of the union Scaramucci says it's possible Trump never knew about the meeting. Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen last week claimed that he was there when the president was. Informed of the Russians offered to meet. With them before it took place Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio Sasha baron Cohen is aiming his confrontational comedy and. Former Alabama judge ROY Moore Colin went, after more in an interview on the British comedians who. Is America series And Showtime last night Cohen was posing as an Israeli. Anti-terrorism expert demonstrating what he said was the, technology that detects sex offenders Cohen waved what looked like a. Metal detector wand over more the one veep several. Times and that's one more got up and, walked off the set the seventy one year old more lost. A special US Senate election last December after several women accused him of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers and he was in his thirties. More than a dozen workers were rushed to a Wisconsin hospital after an ammonia leak. Sunday, morning there was an ammonia leak within the, building at birds eye foods there were probably about one hundred, and forty. Employees that were working overnight while we're county sheriff Kirk pick says it happened in Darien which is about an hour southwest Milwaukee he. Says seventy, five workers, were, also evaluated outside of the plant and the new Tom Cruise, movie, mission impossible, fallout is currently the number one film at the box office we Sakardu NBC news Radio is.

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