Polar bear killed after attacking cruise ship employee

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jim hawk thousands of firefighters in northern California are battling a massive wildfire that has killed five people. Sonia Hudson of member station k. q. e. d. reports the blaze is now scorched more than one hundred thirty. One square miles fire officials are calling the car fires behavior, unprecedented. It's moving in ways they've never seen before and that makes it extraordinarily difficult to control. There's more than thirty five hundred people fighting the fire, but even still many firefighters have been on duty for more than forty eight hours at a time in evacuated area. The fire has scorched entire hillsides. A thick layer of smoke has prevented firefighters from using a lot of helicopters and airplanes to drop water and fire retardant. The fire has burned into the city of reading home to about ninety five thousand people and several outlying communities. Shasta county sheriff says more than thirty. Eight thousand people have been displaced that's filled up several evacuee. Nations centers and more are continuing to open for NPR news. I'm Sonia Hudson President Trump has cheered a meeting of his top national security advisers to address threats to the November's midterm elections NPR's, Amy held reports. It comes as intelligence agencies. Warn Russia will try to target the process once again in a statement. The White House said safeguards for the elections have been in place since Trump took office and that the president has made it clear. His administration will not tolerate foreign interference. But critics have questioned that clarity, notably in Helsinki this month when Trump stood next Ladimir Putin and appeared to side with the Russian president, who denies the interference over the assessment of his own intelligence agencies. Recently state elections officials asked the White House to help rebuild voter confidence with less than four months until the midterms. The White House says the administration is providing cybersecurity assistance at both the state and local levels. Amy held NPR news, Washington. The Turkish president has accused Washington of engaging in psychological warfare, saying Turkey will not back down over its treatment of an American clergyman. This after President Trump called for Turkey to release American pastor, Andrew Brunson immediately the BBC's Steve Jackson has more underground since spent twin to on months in it took his prison, accused of supporting could as rebels and the group blamed for trying to a very president Adwa one Mr. Brunson was transferred to house arrest on Wednesday, but President Trump responded with a threat to the Turkish authorities saying the past should be freed altogether. All sanctions would be imposed physical tattoo on has now decided to up the ante warning the United States to change his attitude or lose a strongman, sincere partner, the BBC's Steve Jackson reporting Indonesia's. Disaster response agency says at least three people have been killed in a magnitude six point, four earthquake that struck Lombok island, early Sunday, the island not far from the tourist destination of Bali. This is NPR. A polar bear on Saturday attacked and injured guard who was leading tourists off a cruise ship on a group of Arctic islands. The cruise company said the polar bear was shot dead by another employee and what was called an act of self-defense Arctic tourism to the region has risen sharply in the last few years with eighteen cruise ships at the dock of the Arctic port in the next week, some levity this weekend and Montreal Canada, where the annual just for laughs, comedy festival is in full swing. NPR's. Elizabeth Blair reports, Tiffany haddish has received the award for comedy person of the year. Tiffany had a screw up in foster care. She got emotional, accepting the award in front of a room, full of comedians. Many of whom she said helped her when she was trying to make it in stand up, but barely had enough money for food just for laughs is the largest comedy festival in the world, attracting both fans agents and TV networks, scouting for talent, Hannah Gatsby from Australia, won an award for her Netflix special in which he talks about the job. Of a stand up comedian on my, you'll food tents, and then I make you laugh and you like, oh, thanks for that. Feeling a bit tense just for laughs was recently bought by reality TV host Howie Mandel after one of the original co, founders, resigned. Amid sexual misconduct allegations, Elizabeth Blair NPR news, Montreal. The three week tour de France concludes on Sunday with team skies. Garin Thomas still holding a nearly two minute lead over second-place, Tom Dumoulin sky teammate, Chris Frewin finishes. Third, Sunday stage Twenty-one is largely ceremonial. I'm Jim hawk NPR news in Washington.

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