Slutwalk is now a protest in many cities calling for an end to rape culture


They want. To them we. Should live in a culture where men stand accountable and realize. That they can't just say do whatever they, please slant was born out of any incident in Toronto in twenty eleven in. Which. A police officer said women should avoid dressing like quote slides in order to avoid becoming a victim this let long protest. Has now become an annual, event, in, many cities. Chicago police have identified the man found. Shot to death early yesterday morning on the, Dan Ryan expressway on this sound side police called to the. Inbound lanes of the Dan Ryan at twenty fifth street found Thirty-three-year-old Shaquille durken's in a. Vehicle on the shoulder of the road he. Was pronounced dead at the scene An autopsy determined, he died of a gunshot wound to the neck to. Other people in the vehicle were found away from the scene happy times. Polish food lots of. Varieties approach he's all kinds of people enjoying a July tradition in withing this weekend at pro-gay fast where we find WBZ m.'s Mike Crausser walking down one hundred nineteenth street the main street here in whiting at what.

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