Lewinsky storms offstage after 'off limits' Clinton question


Was greeted by my six year old. Oh, why aren't you at work? I answered because it's Saturday. He said, oh, thanks for visiting. Dad? His words pierced, my heart. I had become a workaholic. It was decision time. What's more important, family or work? I chose family, and I stopped working seven days a week. That's why I created patriot software. So entrepreneurs can run their payroll and minutes, which gives more time for their families. Patriots software dot com, promo code radio. And get two months of payroll processing tree. That's patriot software dot com. Here in Curtis with your news talk. Geico, T L news breaks out of the storm Gordon continues heading for the northern Gulf Coast expected make landfall tonight as a hurricane current location. Two hundred thirty miles east south east of the Mississippi River, again winds of sixty five miles per hour. It's moving pretty quickly. That's the good news. We want this Ford speed to be quick. So it gets to the coast crack without gaining too much strength. Hurricane warnings have been issued for the Louisiana Mississippi border, Gordon may have left south Florida, but its effects may still be felt at the beach is a high rip current risk is in effect through tonight and Palm Beach Broward, and Miami Dade counties and Gordon left behind wicked beach erosion at our coastline. Senator Elizabeth Warren is warning Americans ahead of a confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee Brett cavenaugh. One of those groups executive director has made clear that his number one goal in life is to overturn Roe versus Wade. The other group has made a top priority rolling back healthcare coverage. He claims President Trump's. Dominy for the supreme court has been prescreened for nomination by what she is calling right wing extremist groups, one time White House, intern Monica Lewinsky says she walked out on an interview in Israel because she made it clear that questions about former President Bill Clinton or off limits. You still expect that apology that the personal apology? I'm so sorry. I'm not going to be able to do this. So the woman who's sexual encounters with Clinton in nineteen ninety-five led to his impeachment wasn't Tel Aviv yesterday for a conference on the pros and cons of the internet, by the way, Roseanne Barr will be in Israel as well. When the Connors airs in October, a three year old boy is in the hospital expected to be okay. After nearly drowning do boys park. Luckily, the lifeguard jumped in and saved him he was under water. He didn't have his footing. His is a great place to come and great place that have your family all day and enjoy the weekend. You just have to say with your children. He has the wet lifeguards said the child wandered away when his parents were enjoying their picnic second-seeded Roger Federer out of the US open beaten by an unseeded player. Like he choosing former San Francisco forty Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick as it's new face of..

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