Botswana, long an elephant refuge, faces poaching threat


Worse for the wear borough for eight nine two two seven zero three let it be back in the chair doing this thing that we do for over eight nine two two seven zero three is the number line's lit. Just like we like them. Of course, we appreciate when you make them blaze fully, let you know when they liked that can listen for line to clear get in let your opinion be heard talk about what you to talk about Islam's about main thing you. In a way, you want to know what's going on in the world. I want to share what I've learned with you. Okay. This has to do with the African continent. And its relationship with. China. China. Is about to invest another sixty billion dollars in different countries in Africa. China does not invest in vanity product projects rather in Africa, and is helping the company Bill its infrastructure. According to Jason. The president of China. He pledged an extra sixty billion dollars for the continent's development as the open of summit with African leaders in Beijing to boost relations, China is the single largest bilateral financier of infrastructure in Africa. But critics warn that African nations have been going into unsustainable levels of debt with the Asian. Country. Mr. g admitted that there was a need to look at the commercial viability of some projects and to make cooperation more viable. He is quoted as saying that China's cooperation with Africa is clearly targeted at the major bottlenecks to development, and that resources for our cooperation on not to be spent on any vanity projects, but in places where they count the most. This is a story that we got to watch going into into the future China is investing heavily in African infrastructure. And so what was that? What does that mean? What would they be expecting? What will they be getting? As relates to resources from African countries. Also, a a sad story. From the continent. Particularly the country of Botswana. Yes. Carcasses of nearly ninety elephants have been found near a famous wildlife sanctuary in Botswana elephants without borders, which is conducting an aerial survey said the scale of poaching death is the largest seen in Africa ever. The spike coincides with Botswana's anti poaching unit being disarmed Botswana has the largest elephant population in the world. But poachers have been breaching. Borders. Destroying? Those magnificent animals is crazy. Crazy may. And that's for the most part feeding Asian. Request for. For ivory. This. Check out. Check to intersection malady is alum suggestion. Forty five is telling Syria and Russia and Iran to think twice about attacking the last major area of rebel controlled in Syria. Forty-five tweeted yesterday that Syrian President Bashar Al Assad must not recklessly attack. Leib province. He also said that Russia and Iran are taking a grave. Making a grave humanitarian mistake. If they take part in what's expected to be a bloody. Offensive. Meanwhile, closer to home. Hearings for the supreme court nominee. Brett Cavanaugh are set to begin today in the Senate hearings are in the judiciary committee, and they will last most of the week Forty-five pick tavern to replace retired court Justice, Anthony Kennedy Kennedy was often seen as a swing vote on the divided court. However, Cavanaugh is a staunch conservative would vote against any and everything that would benefit a black and poor people. His record is already shown that was also very interested. In is is that the Republicans are pushing this down the throats of the Democrats and the Democrats are doing nothing about it. They don't even have they're they're missing their lacking. Between I've heard different. I've heard different numbers between one hundred thousand and a million pages of documents referring to cabin in his rulings as well as his work in the Bush administration with and star and the star report as a lot of stuff. A lot of baggage associated with this nominee Cavanaugh. And they just smashing them down the throats of the American people and are not allowing for a proper vetting of his record to be done. This is problematic. But you'll be hearing more about it. Let's see here. And. And lots of people. Learn raising a lot of stink about. Forty five is taking aim at attorney general Jeff Jefferson Beauregard sessions. Over investigations into a Republican congressman. Oh to forty five says Democrats must love sessions for bringing charges against Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter who were among forty five. I supporters. He said that investigations were started in under former President Obama came just ahead of consequential midterm elections. Hey, they shouldn't be dirty. They get they wouldn't get prosecuted. They obviously dirty. That's why they're getting prosecuted. Get some and sit down. Twice three or four. Others down to the south, man. Florida panhandle, Mississippi, Alabama. Get prepared for Gordon. Gordon expected to make landfall Tuesday night as a hurricane. Tonight. The storm could bring as much as a foot of rain in some areas. Do you know how much a foot of rain is? My goodness. My goodness. Louisiana's governor is not taking the chance that a state could get hit. He's issued an emergency declaration and activated the national guard for his state already. Susan brothers down to Mississippi and Louisiana in Alabama down on the coast, Florida. Boca down tight. We pull them for you. We come back. We've got a couple of more stories I want to share with you. And then to dive into this main thing. Hey, we gotta have a conversation. So let's get to my name is Slava think tank Tuesday. Show.

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