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Orlando Magic trade for Chicago Bulls guard Jerian Grant in 3-team deal


We have a major breaking deal jerry reinsdorf team es but not his baseball team the chicago bulls who jerry ron one six nba world championships with they've traded jerry and grant and it's a big names above them is trade jerry and grant has been traded jerry in grant has been traded he is headed in a three way deal with charlotte and orlando he's going to land in orlando and the bulls are getting julianne stone from the hornets and if you don't know who julian stone is you are not alone he steve's nephew he is nuts steve's nephew he started his nba career with the nuggets in two thousand eleven he was out of league in fourteen fifteen sixteen years back in the league with the hornets last year he was a minor he averaged point eight points per game is contract is non guaranteed yes there you go paul sullivan never been traded always consistent a hall of famer your writer for the chicago tribune knows everything about baseball and he's down in houston this weekend with the white sox solly always good to talk to you my friend welcome to the show oh thanks for having me what's going on jerry and grants i thought you study noon i only i wanted to tell people that but really i just thought that you didn't know so i knew you're on hold so i figured i'd break you the news the jerry grant is gone now now can we get let's get a couple takeaways from today's game solely as far as james shields given up more than he wanted to not making it through six which he's been doing very consistently do you think this has any impact on james shields is trade value moving forward i don't know i mean it was i think is highest runs giving up ten hits wasn't a really good performance wasn't too dissatisfied with it basically said that the three run homer to gaddis was kind of a fly ball into the you know that short porch they're left field and yeah yeah oh i'm sorry close enough though we got it right that short porch and ride the crawford boxes yeah and then the one two bregman later on was kind of the same thing so you know he was tired by then probably might not have gone out at anything but trying to save the bullpen a little bit and you know that's what happens surprise he brought him back out there after they got the four spot because you do want to keep his trade value up there and he thought only bad things could happen we were just talking about trade value on this team shields was the sax opening day starter we just need another team in baseball to think he's better than their fifth starter but kill came soria abby garcia do you see them changing zip codes in the next couple of weeks here soria for sure i would say they'd like to trade and if someone want him but of course you know he doesn't have a great track record i had a real nice stretch there for a while i think fifteen consecutive scoreless appearances until the other night but you know they're not going to get much for him avi they could get something for but you know they don't have to trade him right now he he reminded us yesterday he's only twenty seven it seems like he's been around forever but and he is red hot now so you would think that they really if you're going to trade should be the time but i don't think they're like you know actively trying to dump them right now but he's probably their best piece i would say at this point paul sullivan and the tribune doing a great job covering baseball as per always with the white sox this weekend down in houston so you know you've covered ricky renteria you've seen him on the north side and and obviously now at the white sox like how would you describe in your opinion like his progression from then till now.

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