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Chris Brown arrested in Florida


The family's dog olive while they were busy with their son we walked in the lobby we walk the grounds of the hospital she actually wanted to go over to have a medical school these david nice grassy shady area we hung out there for a little while and then we went back to the detail silva was working the detail with the bomb squad outside the hospital for vice president mike pence is wives visit yesterday the bomb squad officers assisted the family finding a parking spot while sergeant celta took care of all after all was reunited with her family salesa thoughts getting a dog ambassador for the department fulltime may be a great idea a rare southern white rhinoceros is born at the north carolina zoo officials do not think stormy the male rhino could father and offspring he tried unsuccessfully to breed with four female rhinos but earlier this week a female rhino gave birth to a calf weighing about eighty to ninety pounds the international rhino foundation estimates about twenty thousand southern white rhinos survive in the wild elvis costello was canceling the rest of his european tour that's after treatment for what he calls a small but very aggressive cancerous tumor we get more from cbs news correspondent bill rakoff sixty three year old kostelic whose hits include everyday i write the book and alison said he'd been forced to call off the final six dates of his tour which included concerts in croatia austria and sweden on medical grounds as the said the spirits been more than willing but he now has to accept it's going to take longer than he wants to recover to full strength cbs news then singer chris brown is in trouble with the law again he walked off a concert stage in florida banned into the hands of waiting deputies were arrested on a felony battery charge involving a nightclub photographer brown accused of punching benny vines who was hired by a club in tampa to take pictures of brown at an event in april of twenty seventeen brown's been in legal trouble several times since pleading guilty to felony assault back in two thousand nine then girlfriend riana he completed probation in that case in two thousand fifteen we have a critical weather.

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Chris Brown arrested in Florida

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