Mazda recalls 270k vehicles with Takata airbags


Of the headlines from across the state of michigan that's just ahead and say on the aids and as never stops news radio nine fifty a drowning in mid michigan millions of dollars for the city of flint those are some of the stories making news across the state here's w w j's beth fishing authorities say a fourteen year old north carolina boy keegan rouser has died while swimming at amid michigan pond the eaton county sheriff's office says the boy was swimming last night at a pond and hamlin township near eaton rapids when he went underwater and didn't resurface they say when family members couldn't locate him they called nine one one the boy's body was recovered this morning rouser was in michigan visiting family michigan democrats are pinning their hopes that first time candidates will win enough house seats this year to take back control of the house from the gop lansing bureau chief tim on what's driving these candidates to run democrats in the michigan house need to pick up nine seats to take control from republicans in that body and they're pinning their hopes on first time candidates these are not career politician says christie pagan who's running the house campaign for the democrats and initially started with a referendum on trump but it's led to this grassroots activist movement where we see time and time again at community town halls at coffee hours a public meetings this groundswell of activists stepping up who've never been participating in the political process in the past of the six hundred one candidates on the august primary ballot one third are women mazdas recalling nearly two hundred and seventy thousand vehicles with takata airbags that have the potential to explode chemicals used to inflate the airbags can deteriorate in some conditions causing them to deploy with too much force blowing apart metal canister that can result in flying shrapnel the potentially deadly defect can be found in passenger side air bags on certain two thousand and three through two thousand and eight mazda vehicles over the last several years about fifty million airbag inflators have been recalled in the us flynn getting thirty million dollars to replace some public housing move some current residents to new homes and improve services congressman dan kildee and senators gary peters and debbie stamina announcing.

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