Democratic lawmaker says Indiana attorney general groped her


Tree w ipc mobile news all the level of the why she's talking and he is still not walking clear and comfortable overnight mostly sunny and back in the eighties saturday i'm staying lear here's what's trending this hour the state legislator accusing the attorney general of groping is mara candelaria reardon a democrat from munster she has attached her name to the story by writing a newspaper oped but hill insist he is being falsely accused he's asking for an investigation by the marion kelly prosecutor's office there may be one last option eric berman explains indiana law allows the impeachment of any state officeholder for misdemeanors in office i you our school of law professor charles j who's consulted impeachment cases elsewhere says it's not clear what that means really four terms floating around there's crimes there's negligence incapacity all of those are in the constitution and then there's misdemeanors which for some reason the legislature uses the term to cover all of that jay says it's likely but not certain that indiana courts would rule impeachment is a political question and leave it to legislators decide with the law covers eric bergman ninetythree wabc mobile new repairs to the sinkhole ohio and pennsylvania are taking longer than expected possibly another whole week the work is proving tedious as it requires careful excavation to ensure the safety of workers and no interruption in service from the other utility lines above the collapsed century old sewer i'm staying.

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