U.S. Army Is Discharging Immigrant Recruits


The clock is running out on the court order deadline for the trump administration to reunite children under age five with their immigrant parents government officials admit not all of the families will be reunited tonight cbs's ed o'keefe in some cases these kids are under the care of an office of the department of health and human services which has to hand them over to 'immigration and customs enforcement which of course is part of the department of homeland security and in many cases in most cases they're also being held by some third party contractor so they've got to figure out with that agency either one of them how exactly to get them back to the parents so it's a mess frankly the rb has been tossing out immigrant recruits who joined up in exchange for a path to citizenship the pentagon says the program was suspended because of the high risk of espionage terrorism and other criminal activity cbs david begg no has more in nearly two years to go through these background checks so everybody's been in a limbo so speak and that's why we're seeing these people being kicked out of the military right now under president trump it is not fair to blame mr trump for what is happening now again the program was suspended under mr president trump continues to complain about military spending by nato members and issued that straining relations with us allies and of a nato meeting in brussels tomorrow cbs's major garrett is would the president so far this year only five of twenty nine nato countries including the us spent the two percent of gross domestic product on defence the nato standard the president has lashed out at countries that fall short the european council president donald tusk urge mr trump to soften his rhetoric democrats are scrambling to build opposition to supreme court nominee brett cavanaugh cbs's alicia alvarez the president said he is hearing good things about his choice to fill justice anthony kennedy seat democrats were always going to oppose the president's choice but kavanagh's opinion over presidential power is also stirring debate the president pardoned to oregon cattle ranchers in an arson case k excels jacob dean reports even dwight hammond were convicted of setting a fire on their private farmland that burned onto neighbouring public land six years ago their sentencing sparked a protest from ammon bundy and dozens of others who occupied the out here national wildlife refuge near the hammond ranch in south eastern oregon officials in japan say one hundred seventy nine people have been killed in flooding and landslides in the country this is cbs news progressive will compare rates for you so you get the best deal even if it's not with us saving you time and money now that's progressive call or click today have you ever thought about.

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