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Plus they'll charge you more while the team's doing better because they'll have dynamic pricing and i can't say it's a horrible thing your team's doing better but the come out and outwardly say hey you know what we're not going to be that good this year that could be a rough thing so if there's anything that's affecting baseball attendance there's a lot of different factors this is not the end all be all when it comes to baseball attendance i'm not claiming that but we are starting to see more teams just be open and honest with their ball club and with their fans chicago not really trying to win the white socks i mean not really trying to win but a lot of other teams hey give us some time we'll get there white sox fans give it some time we'll get there in a couple of years because right now it's worked for atlanta worked for philly worked for houston they won a championship they were able to cash in you made the argument seattle as well if you really wanted to eight five five two one two four cbs a little bit of showmanship goes a long way now i have to ask about this we have we have some audio here i wanna play some audio i ended up seeing the championship fight last night the ufc heavyweight title fight last night between steep daniel cormier then you call me a now a a winner in two classes a champion a two classes that's a certified bad ass credit where it's due but after the fight the real fireworks went off now be ready with the dump i hope this is all bleed this is daniel daniel cormie after beating steve baby oh ch and then a page right out of the wwe incomes brock listener and chaos ensues take it away dc for a long time he's a wrestler he's an american he's a former usc champion.

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