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Of stroz versus number five cal schwab the cubs number two harper against number seven forty freeman of the braves and max muncie of the dodgers against hobby bias or to comes bryce harper the only participant who has been in a homerun derby before besides him all first time participants and the average age of this year's homerun derby participants is the youngest in history so none of the homerun derby participants were alive for the first homerun derby in one thousand nine hundred eighty five we've got the freshest crop of homerun hitters imaginable were burying the most important part of the story which is no top secret reveal i don't think mike and i are doing one of those social media type broadcast that we do from the home run derby according to two sources we're going to do it from the field so we're going to be on the field so the question is do you think mike we could sneak you in since it's a bunch of guys lot of people don't know maybe we could just sort of wiggle you into the homerun derby so who would he pass as freddy freeman he won't pass the schwab everybody knows schwab if there's one balding white guy in the group with a beard i can pretty much any of them helmet the face that comes across guard and i'll just like i'll keep people at arm's length screaming watch out freddy freeman coming through and we'll just if we go like we own it they're going to let you that you're gonna have shop never would have done this until we went to we did our show from cleveland i got to take some cuts in the batting cage still got it do you still got i saw i saw the video it took you a while but you could get some although you had some blisters on your hands from that we're gloves next time i went after the natural there you go wow okay as you if they did figure also talking about content we will get it on video you send it to the show i remember my only goal in that situation is to save myself hundred percent honest here i'm just going to throw you to the tasers and then i'm gonna scream like a a young child is i run away and again golic and wingo reminding you we'll be live from the district winery on water street.

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