Jim Harbaugh had a spectacular meltdown in 'Detroiters' cameo


V Michigan's head football coach takes time from the. Sidelines to have some laughs on TV he was foaling w w J's, Russ McNamara has, more is known for his eccentricities. And coaching football I guess well university of Michigan head football, coach Jim Harbaugh showing off some comedic range, if not his arm on, last night's Detroiters as part of the episode he's folding that's the football slash bowling crossover and apparently he's awful, at, it, all horrible It's okay to just having fun so, chair what's. Called a different mechanics polling is, different you take LeBron James would. Be shot This guy I'm getting this It's funny because he used to be a good QB Detroiters areas and comedy central in the show. Lovingly sends up the city. It's pretty, funny

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