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Facebook says removing content on 3D printing of guns


The right and center lanes, press ranks delays as result pretty bad still we're. Going back to White Plains road west side highway delays were back to the nineties the Harlem. River drive jamming up now back to the one forties outbound. Delays at the Lincoln and Holland tunnel spelt down to a thirty minute late getting into. The city both about ten to fifteen so you are easing out city-bound also up brushfire now reporting into on the east downs LIE by exit forty, three for south oyster bay. Road in plain view luckily not causing a huge issue the fire department on. The side of the. Road. Right now, so I just minor rubbernecking. If that delays not too bad now what's bound on the LIE by the clearview still. A crash on the right shoulder slowing things up just. A little bit that accident on the southbound. Cross island by, Hempstead avenue that has been cleared up in New Jersey westbound route

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