Burt Reynolds, star of 'Boogie Nights' and 'Smokey and the Bandit,' dies at 82


Two. One of Hollywood's. Biggest stars Burt Reynolds is dead. Correspondent Bill deal. Looking back on his long career Burt Reynolds began his acting career and TV westerns in the nineteen sixties. But it was his breakout performance in the big screen film, deliverance in nineteen seventy two that made him a star gave in nineteen seventy seven Reynolds had a hit with smokey and the bandit Reynolds returned a TV in the late eighties. And in nineteen Ninety-two. He won an EMMY for the comedy evening shade. Then he made a comeback on the big screen scoring an Oscar nomination for nineteen ninety seven's. Boogie nights. Reaction to the nomination. Y'all stratovarius plays better than no one's Burt Reynolds recently cast by Quentin Tarantino to play a real live rancher named George spun and the director's upcoming film once upon a time Hollywood, sadly he died before he could shoot his part. Burt Reynolds was

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