'Designated Survivor' Saved! Netflix Rescues Axed Kiefer Sutherland Drama


Me. And the good news here is that some shows that were canceled are coming back designated survivor is coming back with Kiefer Sutherland never watched it. But I heard good things about it. Used to be I think ten o'clock Tuesday nights. I forget what was on before it. But that I used to watch your they know because he would end the night see the promo for designated survivor and Netflix picked it up for third season. And I know they're like Kevin can wake cancelled the Kevin James show, and it may be picked up by somebody. They shopping it around hoping that he gets picked up every now, and then that happens every now and then taxi was on ABC for the longest time. It got picked up and went over to NBC, but they have been shows that started off on one network ended up on the other. If you could bring back show is there a show that's out there. There's not coming back. What are the shows that you hope would

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