Minimum wage hikes don't eliminate jobs, study finds


Latest look at a higher minimum wage suggests that it's working. But it's komo's Brian Calvert tells us not all economists are on the same positive page UC Berkeley, researchers looked at Seattle San Francisco and four other cities that have adopted a fifteen dollars minimum wage and found no widespread job losses. The most recent study also showed those working in minimum wage jobs. We're bringing home more money. This study you seem to echo another Berkeley. Study last year that just look at Seattle and both surveys, however appear to contradict university of Washington research that hours were cut and that there are fewer jobs for minimum wage workers. The difference in the studies Jacob Victor who was part of the UW research says his team looked at several industries where workers were paid minimum wage. The Berkeley research only looked at food service that accounts for thirty percent of minimum wage earners. The times reports that the U W project has been criticized for inadequately, separating the impact of minimum wage increases from the broader economic boom, which is naturally driven up wages, Victor contends that Berkeley's analysis did the same thing.

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