A Pennsylvania pediatrician faces dozens of child molestation charges after police say more victims have come forward


Ever. Burn in California one hundred fifty square miles an area, the size of Denver scorched Almost a thousand, buildings destroyed thirty eight thousand people forced to flee their. Homes and six lives, lost so far among them to firefighters one person who refused to evacuate and three, members of, a family who were getting ready to flee. The flames police in Johnstown Pennsylvania alleged dozens of children were molested by their pediatrician and in some cases this molestation took place as. Their parents were in, the same room on aware. Pediatrician Johnny Wilson Bartow of Johnstown faces sixty nine counts molestation charging documents filed Monday by the attorney. General's office alleged bardo fondled the. Genitals of, boys and girls often under the guise of treatment and in some cases trawling complaints from their parents the seventy year old bardo. Had his license to practice medicine suspended after his. First arrest in January he's currently in, Cambria county prison his, lawyer Has not commented on the charges I'm Kerry shoemaker more American signing contracts to buy homes in June the, volume of, pending sales has stalled, over the past year by about two and a half percent. Due to a mix of rising prices higher mortgage rates and just a lack of homes for sale the. National association of realtors says there was a little bit of a turnaround in June the group's pending home sales index rose by, point nine percent in fact pending sales increased and all. Four geographic regions the, northeast midwest south and west but pending sales have also tumbled off four regions over, the past, year especially in the north east and west..

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