Cleveland Browns quarterbacks have refuge in training camp RV


Lewis and Logan show The Browns are on. Hard knocks this season And it looks like. Baker Mayfield a rookie quarterback has an RV Training camp and the RV would be considered part of. His home, so he, can go in. There and escape the cameras interesting concept smart idea very smart idea I like that The, the, training Berea Ohio. That. Is correct? Yeah where's that It's it is. South, of downtown. Cleveland down seventy one south they hadn't, Columbus yeah but not but. Not, nearly that. That. Far, south it's, a, suburb of Cleveland oh it, is okay. Yeah Middleburg heights, Berea Strong's Bill that that area nice area. When you played Where'd you guys trae reinstate a, Berea Berea now we trained to Ken state of training camp but we are are home, during, the, regular season was. At. That facility Okay All. Right. Yeah Oh they're having training, camp there now that's the difference when? You were there attorney camp was, at. Kent state correct and a lot of teams practice at colleges back like the Broncos practice UNC and and, even before that if we're couns gotta be much better having training camp at, your home facility it's a lot easier for the players stay in a dorm room and you still stay in hotel room some of. The single guys but I mean you have much easier access. To your. Family Right Training camp back in the. Day you were so secluded in training camp went six. Weeks It was it was. A marathon today's in both practices in full pads, in, a lot of times full go so you think about how they. Treat players now I'm I'm happy for the players just a couple of minutes ago here what do you think about what Jerry Jones has been saying about the the anthem Yeah I find the way the NFL told him to stop. Talking about it has worked and now his son, is, is talking about a two are the I think it is Jerry. Jones way honestly of sending a message to Roger Goodell this is my idea that You know, you may have beat me in terms of me trying to get rid of you because. I did I tried to get rid of you, as the, Commissioner the league other owners said that's not. Going to happen Jerry stand down so I, did and it, cost me but I'm still not in your camp and I'll speak my mind whatever I want to and if you. Want to do something about it especially publicly let's have at, it because now he's not Jerry Jones is taking a very popular sites certainly in Dallas certainly the state of Texas because I. Would say the overwhelming majority of people there want the players to stand up so. He's, he's playing to me playing to the home crowd but it just illustrates the issues the league will have and trying to. Come up with some sort of resolution? To, this thing I don't know what that's going to be in a satisfactory way for. Either side yeah it looks like a mess that they just can't, figure out how to get out of, a couple of other football notes NFL related. The San Diego now sandy Geico the LA. Chargers, of had a couple of key injuries already Jason Brits down for the year and hunter Henry down for the year down. For the lost another tight. In, yesterday Thank backup down for. The year as well So chargers in, just a couple of days, of, practice, already, some holes. In the lineup goodness Virgil green you, don't you don't want to see anybody hurt but you would think that. May help his cause he's? With the chargers. Did they. Bring gates back not not yet not yet. Not yet to think he's probably coming back You know that Philip rivers wants him so Yeah And speaking of old players may become a, back Matt Holliday sign Matt Holliday to a minor, league delete thirty. Eight What where that's, going maybe, they want him to retire Iraq I don't know no I don't. Think it's that high I think the you know whether he's convinced them or whether he didn't have to convince them but I, think both sides have. An interest in, seeing, really what you have left in the tank. Sort of as a pinch hitter sort of role I don't know, Matt Matt had big years when he left here, he went to Oakland initially and that he went to say Lewis and he put a big numbers for the, car but I don't know what he has left, at thirty eight Josh Fogg former Rockies pitcher tweeted, today about that like hey I could probably throw, an inning Rockies if you wanna bring me back to yeah I don't know how will Josh Fogg is now but I did similar age did tweet out to the Cleveland. Browns hey you know I. Can run. A hitch, pattern and you don't have anybody. In the team that has better hands than I do now so that is very true. Damn straight you know you're going to catch the ball I, just can't get away from anybody anymore and you. Don't, wanna, take that big hit not really looking to take a little hit at this. Point On a little hill so Matt, Holliday almost a career three hundred hitter has over three hundred home, runs, over twelve, hundred RBI in over two thousand hits he's been a really I mean if it ended today he would have a really. Productive major league baseball career. That kid. I remember, seeing him in learning of him. When he was a quarterback in high school in Stillwater in fact he played for his. Dad and I think he went to the elite eleven camp Talent playing, quarterback and obviously picked the right career because look how long he's. Lasted make more money in baseball he's healthier that's for sure at thirty eight is still trying to. To play, baseball and we'll see how, that goes for him speaking of the Rockies Rockies tonight Against the cardinals Rockies are a game out of first. Place behind the dodgers in his hot is the Rockies have been the dodgers of injustice hot and the. Diamondbacks to they're, all three, of. Those, hanging hanging, right in their D-Backs a half game out Rockies are, one game out Rockies nineteen and five since. June twenty eighth, this is one of the best. Runs.

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