China Stocks fall as the yuan continues to weaken


Nathan and it is a big week for central banks with policymakers in the United States Japan the United Kingdom Brazil and India all set to me Bloomberg's John Tucker is. Here live with details morning John See an interest rates, is expected when Federal Reserve officials. Gather on Tuesday and Wednesday that's according to pricing in federal funds futures. And all but, one of the fifty seven accommodates pulled by Bloomberg get rational testimony earlier. This month. Fed chairman Jerome Powell didn't signal that the economy is overheating or warranted in imminent hike. For an economy that expanded four point one percent of the second quarter. The feds real policy rate is still. Around zero or even slightly negative and despite speculation. The Bank. Of Japan, could. Soon flesh. Out, a plan for adjusting stimulus all forty four economists surveyed predict the b. o. j. will maintain its current setting on interest rates the Bank of England expected to hike even amid Brexit gloom and Brazil's central Bank is, seen a standard Pat India central Bank will probably raise its benchmark rate John Tucker Bloomberg, daybreak John thank, you meanwhile the. Bank of Japan today. Conducted, its third bond purchasing program in a week, by One point six trillion yen worth of. Ten year bonds the central Bank bought the debt stem rising yields after they touched, a nearly eighteen month high of eleven, basis points stocks. In Asia started the week on a negative note has, investors show caution. Ahead of those central Bank, meetings Bloomberg's Juliette Sally reports from our Singapore bureau technology companies in pharmaceutical firms with the biggest drag on the topics, which closed down four tenths of. One percent Chinese companies related to infrastructure construction continued to rally after the. Government unveiled new, measures to aid growth however the CSI three hundred finish down eight tenths. Of one, percent while the on show Yuan added to last week's slump elsewhere Indian Stokes defied the. Downbeat trend the sensex holding onto record highs ahead of an expected rate. Hike from the country's central Bank this. Week, in Singapore Juliet Sally Bloomberg daybreak Juliette thank. You China's. Benchmark Shanghai, composite, as Lund. Eighteen, percent since January high still emerging market investor Mark mobias says he expects Chinese stocks To fall even further in the case of China you've got a, number of problems first of all debt that. Is a big problem for companies in China number two you've got the tech situation with these stocks there's going to be a real, problem because it's such a big part, of the index and the third thing I think is. The trade, war of course that's going to be affecting number of companies and the psychological effect would be even greater Moebius capital partners co founder Mark Mobius, also tells us is keeping an eye on the you want Beijing will likely be tempted to use. The, currency as a weapon in its trade war with the US also on the trade front major car producing nations are set to meet for talks to coordinate, their response to us tariffs sources tell Bloomberg representatives from the European Union Canada Mexico South Korea and Japan convene tomorrow in, Switzerland now discuss. How. To respond. If the Trump administration does impose levies on car imports is another busy week for. Earnings with more than one hundred forty Companies. In the SNP five hundred scheduled to report to. Bloomberg's Charlie, Pellett reports so far upwards of ninety percent. Of companies reporting results of come in above analysts estimates Michael Gino is president of Pacific. Heights asset management earnings revenues are up and that was. Expected I, think so it's not really a surprise I. Think that you get into company specifics and industry specifics with, obviously had some high profile beats of high profile non beats if you will Twitter. Facebook and Intel certainly falling into that category this week we'll be hearing from financial giants including Berkshire Hathaway I n. g. b. m., p. Potter bond MetLife car companies tesla Toyota and BMW and tech giant's apple Samsung and Sony Charlie. Pellett Bloomberg daybreak mad Charlie on today's, docket, we, get results, from fourteen companies in the s.. And p. five hundred including Caterpillar Bloomberg's Jill Schneider has a preview shares of. Caterpillar have been battered by the lingering uncertainty around trade negotiations the company Is expected to top analysts estimates for the ninth street quarter today but the stock may not get a reprieve to last quarter saw good numbers failed to boost caterpillars valuation chill Snyder Bloomberg daybreak. Thank, you a Bloomberg news has learned the. Board of CBS meets today to discuss the future of, CEO les. Moonves says we get the details. From Bloomberg's Ed Baxter Moonves was accused of sexual harassment by six women in a New Yorker article published last week, giving article. Moonves acknowledged there, may, have, been times. Decades ago when he may have made, some women uncomfortable by making advances, but he says. He never used his position to harm anyone's career, sources say, this, is, a regularly, scheduled board meeting CBS, independent, directors have already said they plan to investigate. The claims and, we'll hire an outside law firm to do so in San Francisco I'm Ed Baxter. Bloomberg, daybreak all right Ed thank you straight ahead, we have the latest world and national news and this. Is.

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