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London Spitfire Claim First 'Overwatch' League Championship


I ninety five in. Belmar has all lanes. Blocked and detoured traffic and transit on, the twos gumming up this is reporter's roundup It's just the plan that we have I'm not going. To divulge the plan there's a plan there's there's a progression there are steps that we're going to take with him in. This part of that He goes coach Doug Peterson on the process of putting quarterback Carson Wentz back in the mix, as. He recovers from last season's knee injury joining us. KYW medical editor Dr Brian mcdonagh Brian the question so many eagles fans are asking. Will Carson Wentz be able to play in that. Season opener Steve it was? Game thirteen where he suffered the? Injury, we've had an entire, off season and, he's been working as hard, as he could and so the obvious question is, will be ready is it a. Good thing is it not a good thing obviously for most of, us the average person the, answer, would be no because you really, need a longer period of time especially for? That kind of stress but you're talking about a, professional athlete and with a professional athlete there can be some differences Brian given your experience in these matters what's your sense. As, to win wince return I've. Been doing. This for a lot of years and. I see patients every day I would, never predict whether. A professional athlete will. Get back because again of the differences Secondly I don't see their results we don't We're not we don't have access. To the MRI is and to really see how. They're doing and if I? Just go on past experience I? Never, would have thought Carol, Owens would have, made the Super Bowl years, ago and there are dozens of stories like that, so the question really comes down. To is the doctors for the eagles know best the player's gonna, do the best they can, and, since they're such major investments these, players are worth millions of dollars I don't? Think they're gonna let them out on the field, if they're at risk for a long future story we will continue to cover a medical editor Dr Brian mcdonagh with us. On, reporter's roundup thank you Brian. Thanks Steve Coming up short. But still, winners in another sense of Philadelphia team showed it stuff and, a weekend competition the battle did not, unfold on a field or playing court joining us KYW's Justin Trudeau on. Reporter's roundup just, to the, this Philly. Team has a unique distinction that's right Steve the Philadelphia fusion the city's electronic sports team played the London Spitfire in the overwatch league championship this week last weekend in Brooklyn New York now. Overwatch for. Folks who don't know this is a first person shooter strategy game fortunately we didn't. Get the result we wanted we lost to, nothing which finished second place in the inaugural season of the overwatch league but you know we're really happy with the way the. Season turned out Joe Marsh the fusion's chief financial officer says their team had a. Rocky start to the season from visa issues. Getting guys from different countries to, communicate and play on the same page. But in truthful Adelphia forum they overcame it's a lot of. Work to melt together nine different languages which what, we have on our roster Marsh says the, weekends championship match brought out a lot of. Fans who, were. True, test Moment to the popularity of the league and its. Potential for growth, it was amazing the Barclay center was rocking Friday the. Saturday over, the two day period that was twenty two thousand fans it, can't do the doors now on the, fusion as we said did not come home with the one million dollar. Grand prize but, they were, able to. Get second place with a pot of four hundred thousand dollars is a big thing they'll be back next year we're sure they're really excited about coming back next year and coming back strongly Gusta Nudo with us on reporter's roundup thank you thank you Now this traffic and transit update plenty of delays on the ninety five coming out of Delaware. Vector bumper to bumper on four ninety five at Philadelphia. Pike and. That continues all the way around to the Commodore Barry bridge a lot, of that is earlier. Volume, from the, problems down the ninety five near churchman's Marsh now further north you're slow after, the airport onto the Girard point bridge Logan around broad street then heavy from Washington avenue up to Gerard southbound delays also. From the Betsy down to, Gerard and heavy around Ridley park now on the blue route north heavy ninety five to route one southbound from Saint David pass broomball and then from route one down, almost all the way to ninety five could be concert traffic. Jay z. and beyond say at the Philadelphia sports complex later now the Schuylkill expressway out a forty minute ride, from zero two down to the. Vine on the westbound side heavy between Paseo am the vine there, was a disabled vehicle off the side now at south street and then delays again between the. Boulevard and. Contra Hawkin Going, north on the blue route heavy from that point up the mid-county fan for. About three miles on the turnpike. Eastbound up to mid county and then to four Washington on four twenty to your, normal delays between two oh two and. Twenty nine let's head over the bridge is the worst. Of it. Is the Walt Whitman heading into New Jersey eastbound west now the worst, of it is the. Ben, Franklin bridge, all the way across now across into New Jersey forty two south heavy two, to ninety five to ninety five delays between thirty eight and forty two and one thirty both directions watch for the left. Lane blocked at union avenue, near the Betsy Ross bridge because of construction mass transit is not bad from the TruMark financial twenty four hour traffic center where member banking is better banking umbrella Ramona, this is CBS three meteorologist Kate Bilo back in an unsettled. Pattern this week tonight mostly cloudy muggy with a spotty shower low sixty nine tomorrow mix of sun and clouds, hot and humid with scattered showers. And thunderstorms highs in the mid eighties Wednesdays mostly cloudy in steamy, was storms and brief downpours high eighty nine upper eighties When. Thursday partly cloudy with afternoon showers and storms again on Friday the high eighty five it is mostly cloudy with showers and. Storms likely and Saturday we'll see some sunshine still the.

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