Quenton Nelson Turning heads at Colts Training Camp


Hemmer a free agent the colts picked up, big tackle, jamarcus web today. Web was out on the market former Seahawk former raider former Chicago bear so what I did, was I. Walked to the newsroom and. I asked our resident bear fan? STAN Lear tell, me about jamarcus web. Is this a good pickup stance at absolutely said. He's not real bright you make some boneheaded play from time to, time he accidentally sacked his own quarterback at one point. With the bears but it's definitely a guy you want in the field so. I, will, take the gospel? From Stanley earned run with that right there okay? So, but what's this tell you. About Anthony Costanzo picking this guy up well. I think we'll be back he's on the pup list with a Hammy what I'm reading from the colts on their official website was that another tackle was. Injured and he's going to be. Placed on the season ending injury west so this is just more depth but I think a good Up for the. Colts can't get enough linemen Asked me colts training. Camps going on in grand park right now Andrew luck starting to look better starting. To get that timing down a little. Bits and there's been a few fights, already they've only been pad the couple, practices but a couple of, training camp fights including the first round draft pick Quinton Nelson Quinton Nelson got into it with, a t. j. green in training camp and from the folks that are on the scene it sounds like the young fellow from, Notre, Dame won that fight got the best, of, them so good for. That guy man gets in there right away mixes it up right away and, some, folks from our sister station ten. Seventy the fan that are covering the colts in training camp were telling me the. Story that quitting Nelson chase down head coach Frank Reich after a practice and said. Listen run at straight up my backside. Sometime demanding that the colts run it, right up him colts head coach Frank, Reich in a different way, talked.

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