Off Your Mental Game? You Could Be Mildly Dehydrated


One hour hike if I were hiking moderate intensity for an. Hour I could reach about one and a half to two percent hydration this equates to sweating out a little more than a leader, of water, for an average size. Person and at this level of dehydration the fee Feeling of thirst is just beginning to kick in but already we can be affected in subtle ways from changes in mood too muddled thinking dehydration Qadhafi. Negatively affect performance which is really important and relevant because most people wouldn't even, know or be able to perceive normally that they're one and a half percent dehydrated. So what exactly begins to happen when we're mildly dehydrated Mindy Millard Stafford of Georgia Tech, says it's long been known that this. Affects our physical stamina heart rate tends to be. Higher the core temperature is also greater and then the work just feels. Harder and there's new evidence about how this level, of mild dehydration influences mental performance we find that when people are. Mildly dehydrated they really don't do as well on tasks that require complex processing or in tasks that. Require a lot of their attention, take for Example a recent study that included. A bunch of young healthy, active women somewhere students others have jobs and. They all agreed to take, a bunch of cognitive tests Nina stock and fell of. Yale school of, medicine and the Pierce, laboratory led the research she says during the study. The women restricted fluids for one day they were told to drink no more than six, ounces we did manage to, dehydrate them by one percent just by telling them not to drink for that day one of the tests they took is designed to measure cognitive. Flexibility it's a card game requires a lot of attention, since the rules keep changing throughout the game even in these kinds of tests where there's no. Physiological effects really you can see. With mild dehydration effects on executive, function when they were dehydrated the women. Made more mistakes the complex game seemed to trip them up when the women. Were dehydrated they had about twelve percent more, total errors but after they rehydrate it we were able to improve executive function back to normal in other words to the baseline day When they rehydrated this is, just one small study but a body of evidence points to. Similar. Findings and yukons Doug Kass at thinks it's worth paying..

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