Man Accused of Killing NY Nurse May Be A Serial Killer


Trial. However it, will give, us an inside look at some of the details that, are part of. The year long Muller investigation as correspondent Stephanie Ramos President Trump also lashing. Out at the media on Twitter today he says. They're going crazy calling them totally unhinged. Trump says in seven. Years when he? Leaves office their ratings will dry up and they'll be gone. A man accused of murdering. A New York City nurse may be a serial, killer cops, looking at whether Twenty-seven-year-old Danielle Drayton was killed has killed upwards of, seven women that he met on dating app police in New York say the suspect. Is responsible for, killing twenty nine year old Samantha Stewart a nurse who was found, dead in her queens home, back on July seventh authorities. Believe Drayton used. Dating websites in apps to meet and victimize women his court appointed. Attorney told the court he is pleading not guilty as car correspondent Carlos Granda and cops are, looking for a man who set fire to a Staten Island gas station. Was filling up a portable gas tank outside a convenience. Store, on Richmond avenue and victory boulevard yesterday morning when it appears he sprayed gaffe on the ground lit a piece of paper and. Throw it, down igniting a burst of flames the suspect took off as. The station's fire suppression system extinguished the flames leaving. A man nearby with minor injuries Alice Stockton Rossini, seven ten wwl three.

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