Intel chiefs issue stark warning on election interference


News President Trump using, a familiar theme from his twenty sixteen, campaign again demanding a border wall either. Getting it, or closing down government we need border. Security a, campaign, style rally in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania on behalf. Of Republican Lou bar Leto trails Democrats Senator Bob. Casey. By double, digits the president again taking aim at special counsel Robert Mueller's, investigation now we're being hindered by the Russian hoax hopes okay in Washington a new warning about Moscow election meddling ahead of the midterms five of America's top national. Security and intelligence chiefs appearing, together to speak out responding to bipartisan criticism that it has no clear national strategy, to protect the country during, the upcoming midterm elections top administration. Officials say they're coordinating, efforts, to protect the American, electoral process FBI director Chris Christopher Wray Russia attempted to interfere with the last election and. Continues to, engage in malign. Influence operations to this day department of homeland security secretary Kirsten Neilsen said, her agency is working with all fifty states the district of Columbia, local governments and the private sector to strengthen election security FOX's. John decker there at the White House Tennessee primary voters hitting, the polls today ahead of a key. Senate race, the saying congresswoman Marsha Blackburn gets the. Nomination for, Republicans, while governor former governor Phil, Bredesen's wins for. Democrats finally back on American soil now investigators trying. To. Identify the, remains of US servicemembers killed in the Korean war chief scientists, John burden in Hawaii if we have dental records that's what we call the holy grail in terms of the line of evidence that's almost a slam dunk this. After North Korea returned.

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