Hamas and Israel ceasefire talks


Not also the dipping unemployment rate has made it harder for some manufacturers to fill open jobs. There are very few employees available to hire right now and those that don't have jobs either don't want them or are not hire those stories after this news. Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jim hawk in south western. Virginia residents of one hundred fifty homes remain evacuated as thority check out a rain-swollen damn to Mitchell Lindbergh's director. Of water resources says the dam is currently stable but he's asking, people who were evacuated to stay out of their. Homes until there's dry weather we want to get past this weather, system is coming up before we allow people to return to their homes but once we get past. That, and determine the dam is safe we will prevail out of an abundance of caution we will be providing a twenty four hour seven day a week continuous monitoring of the dam just. To. Be sure that it's safe out of an abundance of potion again the college lake dam began overflowing Thursday when heavy rain swept through the region. In Gaza the Islamic group HAMAs says it's holding high level talks about a possible cease fire with Israel NPR's Daniel estrin says it's aimed at ending months of Violence HAMAs says it's holding a major meeting of its. Political leadership in Gaza including some leaders who are based in other parts of the region indicating the seriousness of. The talks a HAMAs website says Egypt has brokered efforts to reach, a ceasefire with Israel it's also attempting a reconciliation. Between HAMAs and the rival Palestinian Authority government in the West Bank, and trying to ease Gaza's humanitarian crisis which includes water and electricity shortages Israeli officials said Prime Minister. Benjamin, Netanyahu cancelled a trip abroad he's reportedly discussing the talks with his cabinet Sunday meanwhile there were renewed Palestinian protests at, the fence separating Gaza and Israel Palestinian health officials say Israeli troops. Killed. At least one Palestinian Daniel estrin NPR news Jerusalem A federal judge in New York. City has dismissed to lawsuits against Fox. News channel over its botched coverage of the death of a young, Democratic Party staffer named Seth, rich as NPR's David. Folkenflik reports, the judge said the plaintiffs failed the state of valid. Legal claim FOX's story alleged that, an FBI, source and a private investigator working on the case had found evidence Richard been linked to the leaking of Democratic Party emails during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign and suggested his death might. Be related to the, leaks the private investigator is rod Wheeler he'd been hired. By Dallas investment manager intent on rebutting official findings that Russia had the emails hacked to help candidate Donald Trump Wheeler sued saying FOX, put words in his mouth FOX. Withdrew the story, after an, outcry the, judge said Wheeler could. Not avoid his own role in quote perpetuating a. Politically, motivated story not having any basis in fact the judge dismissed the second lawsuit by, Seth, rich parents they intend to appeal David Folkenflik NPR news New, York On Wall Street Friday stocks closed, up after a solid jobs, report the s&p five. Hundred index, gained thirteen points the Dow climbed one hundred thirty six. The NASDAQ composite up nine points, this is, NPR news Houston's police chief says. A man accused of killing one of former President George h.w Bush doctors killed himself when confronted by police, authorities say sixty two year old Joseph James Pappas died from a single self inflicted shot. Friday morning he'd been the subject of an intense manhunt since July twentieth the pro football. Hall of fame in canton Ohio will. Enshrine eight new members on Saturday from member station w. k. SU Kabeer body I reports it's a class that's. Generated interest both on and off the field wide receiver Terrell Owens will not, be in canton for, this year ceremony citing a perceived lack of respect for having to wait till his third year of eligibility Ray Lewis Welby there. Honored for an impressive seventeen seasons with the Baltimore Ravens but during his career he also pleaded guilty to obstruction of Justice in connection with the. Stabbing deaths of two men during a Super Bowl after party the senior committee this year selected. Jerry Kramer who played for the Green. Bay Packers team that won the. First two Super Bowls Robert doctor doom Brazil rounding out this year's class are linebacker Brian. Urlacher receiver Randy moss defensive back Brian. Dawkins and executive Bobby Beth for NPR news I'm Kabeer Bhatia in canton Ohio eight places in Portugal broke local. Temperature records Friday as a wave of heat from North Africa swept across the, Iberian peninsula forecasters are, predicting the scorching temperatures could get even worse over the weekend temperatures built to one hundred thirteen degrees Friday and many inland areas. Of Portugal and we're expected the top one hundred sixteen degrees in some places on Saturday I'm Jim hawk NPR news in Washington Support for. NPR comes from the Lemelson foundation committed to improving lives through invention in the US and in developing countries and working to inspire and enable the next, generation of inventors more information is available at Lemelson dot org and the Robert. Wood Johnson foundation at RWJF dot org.

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