Brian Dawkins so much more than just a worthy Hall of Famer


At training camp and it was a workout with Carson Wentz watching from the sidelines, we get more from KYW's Ed Benkin. In south Philadelphia Carson Wentz sat. Out a light practice? On Friday, and, coach Doug Peterson wants to get emphasize it is not an, indication of, a setback for. His recovering quarterback right now. We're we are where we are with him Nocco subjecting anymore you know, what I saw again last week ago Is good enough right now at this time eagles did practice without pads and will. Now enjoy day off for for. Practicing the link on Sunday night what the eagles are training camp I'm Ed Benkin KYW NewsRadio pro football hall of fame will enshrine it's twenty. Eighteen class tomorrow and it's a class which includes eagles legendary safety Brian Dawkins Dawkins played thirteen years in Philadelphia was the heart and soul of some great eagles teams in addition to being one, of if not the best. Safety in the game for many years this year's hall of flight. A hall of fame class will also include former eagles wide receiver Carol Owens Phillies end the Marlins again. Tonight at citizens Bank park fills looking for a. Third straight win they open this. Series last night with a five two victory is the Phillies scored. Four runs in the bottom of the ninth to grab the. Win my Cal Franck the hero walk off three run home run Kappler talks about this group's ability, to find ways to win these, personality driven as as a group not. As a bunch of individuals but, as a group We are, a fighting unit we just don't back down easily we are we grind and we just don't give up. Tonight or will be Vince Velazquez. On the mound for the Phillies the right hander seven and eight four point zero two we are a is mound opponent will be Miami right. Hander Trevor Richards who's three and five four point zero six earned run average Billy's continue to lead the National League east with a record of sixty and forty eight they are half the game, ahead of second-place Atlanta that's. Sports Matt Leon KYW NewsRadio up next on KYW local middle schoolers. Learn some life lessons at a free rowing summer camp what do you like best about rowing working as. A team what has rowing taught you about life. After orcas a team what's been. The most challenging part about the sport working as a team I'm. Hadas Kuznits stylized lounge presents an evening aggressive box I wrote. This next song from Shan Genero told her progressive's collision insurance covers injured dogs and cats she said, if they could love her as, much as she did Well, I could this next song's called cat.

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