Teens are seeking cosmetic surgery to look like their favorite Snapchat filters


Three in walled lake what do you do with? An, old post office well WWE w Beth Fisher reports live and local a couple of guys plan. To turn the old how old post. Office into a brewery bath sounds. Like a good idea the post office dates back to nineteen thirty six and Aaron guild of Lansing and his partner plan to turn it into a. Brewery and, a restaurant and yes they'll try to maintain. That. Post. Office theme absolutely absolutely we've actually been looking up a lot of historical pictures of our building and getting a lot of information about what it used to look like and what it used to be guild says it's partner used to go to that post office as a kid and why a brewery I've been, for a, long time you know as a homeward and I just really wanted to be for a living. And open a brewery just a dream of mine guild says they expect to open next spring, and hope To make how. Will a destination city with a. Couple of other breweries already they're reporting live Beth Fisher WW j. NewsRadio nine fifty zero editing technology can change your appearance on social media it's leading. Some people, to get Snapchat Dismore fiesta WWE as healthy. Puerto. Dodgy. Analyze explains Nicole Kidman's knows Angelina Jolie's lips celebrities used to be the inspiration for women planning cosmetic surgery but no more more patients are showing up at the doctor's office wanting to look like a photo edited version of themselves Boston University dermatologists Neelam Vashem calls this new phenomenon Snapchat Dismore FIA is really painted, unrealistic pitcher, because the angle at which can be photos are taken it distorts features as we can't exactly. Replicate what they are taking a photo op Dr recommends psychological interventions such as behavior Therapy? To help these? Patients with body image issues from the delta? Dental health desk Dr Deanna lights? W w j NewsRadio nine? If you have a job interview coming up there are some questions? You should ask yourself, ahead of time, Doug Mitchell is the CEO of a full service direct sales company and Corpus Christi. Texas he's noticed that the interview process intimidates a lot of people, in this may be the very reason they're unable to land a. Job here's a, list, of questions he says you should answer before you step inside for the next job interview. Who are you meeting what do you. Know about. Them in the. Company they represent, what does. The company do if you. Don't know that you shouldn't be there when did they start, and who started the company what's the history why is there a, need for their business what problem is the business solving. What areas, do they service are there multiple locations and. How do they do what they do knowing all of that Doug Mitchell says should cover your basis and give you confidence that you can come off well prepared it'll also let you know if you really wanna work They're, good advice from w. w j business editor Murray thousand acres out..

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