Summer heat sizzles Europe: Portugal and Spain could see record temperatures


Decades with temperatures forecast break records of one hundred, twenty degrees in Spain and Portugal as Allison Robert's reports much of the rest of southern Europe has also seen a rapid rise in temperatures. Three of mainland Portugal's eighteen districts are on red alert the highest because of soaring temperatures and the rest are on orange with your priorities advising people to stay indoors and drink lots of water temperatures in half the district capitals are expected to equal or beat all time records the highest ever recorded in Portugal was just a one. Hundred seventeen degrees in Malaysia, in the interior in two thousand three as ever hear when hot dry weather. Sets in there affairs that. Wildfires could take hold and some have already broken out last year more than one hundred people lost their lives in such blazes for NPR news I'm Alison Roberts in Lisbon a slow moving weather system will pump abundant moisture. Up from the Gulf Mexico across the. Eastern third of the country through Friday show weather, service posting flash flood watches and warnings from Georgia to parts of New England saying there's the potential for periods of heavy rain which could. Lead to flooding rivers as well as urban and low lying areas heavy rains have prompted authorities to evacuate parts of Virginia city in case of damn fails the Lynchburg department of emergency services said areas near the college lake dam were being vacuuming the national weather service says at this time the dam has not failed and is being..

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